• 8 pieces
  • horns (trumpet and saxophone)
  • lead singers

Having a strong front line consisting of a great female vocalist and a strong male soulful singer is the key ingredient to Celebration’s success and longtime career in the business. Versatile like all the other bands, Celebration has a style and energy that is unique and effective – amicably high-end.

They have literally thousands of satisfied clients on their resume. Not many bands can boast that. A boasting horn-section compels a strong disco and Motown repertoire, as 4 lead singers share songs from Frank Sinatra and Etta James, to Barry White and Donna Summer – as well as all your current mainstream hits from Beyonce, Rhianna, Bob Sinclair, and Usher.

Anyone will tell you that a good wedding band must be versatile, consistent, extremely well-rehearsed, and ultra-charismatic so they can win all your guests over. Celebration is all these things – and they only keep getting better!